RTÉ Orchestras: The Year in Figures

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

RTÉ Orchestras: The Year in Figures

RTÉ Orchestras, Quartet & Choirs performed to over 180,000 people in 2014.

The RTÉ annual report for 2014, published last week, contains a range of figures relating to the two national orchestras, the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

Among the audience figures, the report states that the RTÉ NSO presented 70 general performances in 2014 to a total audience of 58,505 (an average of 836 per performance), and RTÉ CO presented 82 performances to 81,334 (an average of 992 per performance).

There was also 18 educational concerts by the RTÉ NSO to 11,633 people (646 per performance) and 19 such concerts by the RTÉ CO to 13,024 (686 per concert).

The orchestras are part of RTÉ Orchestras, Quartet & Choirs (RTÉ OQC), which also includes  RTÉ Contempo Quartet, RTÉ Philharmonic Choir and RTÉ Cór na nÓg. 

The total attendance for all concerts by all ensembles and orchestras last year was 180,133 for 239 events. However, the report also states that the aim for 2013–2017 is to maintain audiences at over 190,000. ‘[A]dverse trading conditions, and a fluctuation in the number of commercial opportunities’ are mentioned as reasons for the target not being achieved. In 2013, RTÉ OQC gave a total of 258 performances to an audience of 197,015.

The total operating cost of RTÉ Orchestras, Quartet and Choirs in 2014 was €11.56m, 8.6m of which comes from the licence fee, or 6% of the total licence fee income.

RTÉ OCQ employees 209 people, which is 11% of the total number of RTÉ employees.

For more, see the section on RTÉ Orchestras, Quartet & Choirs below, or view the full report here.


Published on 13 September 2015

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