Lyric FM to Broadcast New Programme on Irish Composers and the Climate Crisis

Lyric FM to Broadcast New Programme on Irish Composers and the Climate Crisis

Two-part series to feature Sebastian Adams, Natalia Beylis, Judith Ring, Nick Roth, Jennifer Walshe and climate scientist Hannah Daly.

Lyric FM will broadcast a new two-part documentary on Irish composers and the climate crisis beginning on St Patrick’s Day. We Only Want the Earth, presented by Jonathan Grimes of the Contemporary Music Centre, will air as part of the station’s Lyric Feature on 17 and 24 March at 6pm. 

Featuring composers such as Sebastian Adams, Natalia Beylis, Éna Brennan, Robert Coleman, Gráinne Mulvey, Karen Power, Judith Ring, Nick Roth, Jennifer Walshe and Ian Wilson, as well as climate scientist Hannah Daly and musicologist Stephen Graham, the series will explore how Irish composers are responding to the climate crisis through their work. ‘I think it’s safe to say that I have been listening in the most remote places on our planet and I have been forever changed by them,’ says composer Karen Power, ‘and part of that change is in hearing the effects of humans and of industry … you can’t unhear these things.’

The documentary will examine not only the role of artists in the crisis but also how music can connect with audiences and their understanding of climate change, leading to positive change. ‘Every species has its own way of expressing this delight in existing,’ says composer Nick Roth, ‘so that’s what we need to tap into. And all of the arts are fuel for that kind of energy,’ .

Incorporating slow travel into the project, Grimes cycled over one thousand kilometres to meet with composers across the country and he has included field recordings in the programme. Listen to a trailer from the series below:

We Only Want the Earth is produced by Grimes and Helen Shaw of Athena Media. It is a Contemporary Music Centre production for RTÉ Lyric FM co-funded by Coimisiún na Meán, Sound & Vision Scheme and RTÉ Independent Radio Productions. For more, visit

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Published on 6 March 2024

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