New Releases of the Week (4 December 2020)

Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan (Photo: Kev Freeney/Algorithm)

New Releases of the Week (4 December 2020)

A round-up of recent releases, including ///////, the Gash Collective, Ana Gog, Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan, Songs of Green Pheasant, Sharon Shannon, Ger Wolfe, Deirdre Graham and Rowan Leslie. To submit your music for inclusion, please email [email protected]

/////// – Hawk on the Cliff
/////// is the new instrumental side-project of singer-songwriter Joshua Burnside (who recently released his new album Into the Depths of Hell), and his brother Connor Burnside. /////// (that’s the title, just seven lines) have now released their first single, ‘Hawk on the Cliff’, which Joshua describes as ‘Irish trad post-rock’. It’s taken from a forthcoming four-track EP by the brothers out on 15 December. Visit

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Gash Trax Vol​.​ 1
Gash Trax Vol. 1 is a new compilation from the Gash Collective, which provides a platform for Irish female and LGBTQ+ DJs and producers. Released on limited edition black vinyl and digital, Gash Trax Vol. 1 features seven tracks from artists such as ELLLL, Syn, Irene Buckley, Caskré, Sculptress, Gadget and the Cloud, and Anna Murray. Visit

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Ana Gog – Breaking the Atom
‘Breaking the Atom’ is the new song and video from Dublin five-piece Ana Gog. Written after a tour across Europe, the song, as singer Michael Gallen explains, ‘is an attempt to capture the feeling of being a band on the run – something that we’ve all missed terribly this year. On that particular tour, we were lucky to be joined by filmmaker and long-time band friend Daire Hall, who trawled through old footage over the past few months to cut together this beautiful video. We’re delighted to share all of our trundling and messing with the world.’ Ana Gog are set to release more new music on Friday 11 December. Visit

Saint Sister and Lisa Hannigan – The Place That I Work
‘The Place That I Work’ is the new song and video by Saint Sister (Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty) featuring Lisa Hannigan. MacIntyre writes: ‘I wrote this song while I was working as a Christmas temp in Dublin’s oldest book shop, Hodges Figgis. One day a friend, who I hadn’t seen since we had a misunderstanding, came in and caught me completely off guard. I was, all at once, angry that we hadn’t talked for months and that they had chosen now, to come to where I worked to make peace, but also undeniably relieved and happy to see them, to know we were still friends.’ ‘The Place That I Work’ is Saint Sister’s second single this year, following the release of ‘Dynamite’ in March. The video is directed by Kev Freeney. Visit

Songs of Green Pheasant – When The Weather Clears
This is the second album by Stockport-based artist Songs of Green Pheasant (Duncan Sumpner) released on the Rusted Rail label in Galway, and Sumpner’s sixth release overall. Pitchfork told the intriguing story of his psychedelic folk debut, which was released on the Fat Cat label in 2005. Rusted Rail describes this new recording as an album of foggy impressionism – ‘Ritualistic mantras emerge from hypnotic grooves whilst eerily evocative nocturnal melodies are subsumed by cloudy washes, as sonic storms beset the gentle meanderings.’ The 6-panel cardboard CD sleeve features surrealist artwork by Sumpner. Visit

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Sharon Shannon – The Reckoning
Celebrating thirty years in the music business, and the subject of a Late Late Show tribute on 4 December, Sharon Shannon’s latest studio album, The Reckoning, was composed, written and recorded during lockdown. All the tracks are newly composed tunes and songs co-written by Shannon, band members and collaborators. Guest artists include Nordic band Dreamers’ Circus, Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dónal Lunny and Le Vent du Nord from Canada. The Reckoning is produced by Craig Mulvagh. Visit

Ger Wolfe – The Morning Star
Ger Wolfe’s new album The Morning Star is described by the renowned Cork songwriter as an album that ‘takes a trip through the contemporary world beset by despair and paints it with the bright colours of hope.’ Wolfe’s latest collection explores themes of migration, memory, childhood, loss and hope, ‘expressing the brightest vision of the human spirit in Covid times of dark despair.’ The Morning Star has ten songs including ‘Hello Gorgeous’, which was commissioned for Music Network’s ‘Butterfly Sessions’ in April. The album is produced by Amhlaoibh Mc Sweeney. Visit

Deirdre Graham – Urranta
Originally from the Isle of Skye, Deirdre Graham is a Glasgow-based Gaelic singer and a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Urranta is her debut album, a collection of traditional Scottish Gaelic songs featuring string quartet arranged by Seonaid Aitken. Visit

Rowan Leslie – Escaping the Dawn
Escaping the Dawn is the new album from fiddle player and composer from County Antrim Rowan Leslie, currently based in Glasgow. Featuring guitarist Graeme Armstrong, accordionist Andrew Waite and bodhrán player David Foley, Escaping the Dawn features 10 tracks, all composed by Leslie. A graduate of the BMus in folk and traditional music in Newcastle University, Leslie also brought out the tune book Contemporary Fiddle Tunes from the Northeast of Ireland in March, published by Mel Bay. Visit

Published on 5 December 2020

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