€318k Awarded for Irish Music Tours Abroad

Goitse has received funding to tour sixteen venues across the US this spring.

€318k Awarded for Irish Music Tours Abroad

Music funding up 70% compared to last round of Culture Ireland grants.

Culture Ireland, which promotes Irish arts abroad, announced the details of its most recent round of funding this week. A total of €858,800 was awarded to all art forms, €318,400 of which was allocated to Irish musicians, groups, composers and promoters.

There were sixty-seven awards granted overall in the music category. Recipients include Crash Ensemble, who will perform music by Daníel Bjarnason in various cities in the Netherlands; indie three-piece Wyvern Lingo who will tour Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK; and traditional band Goitse,who will perform in sixteen venues across the US

Indie festival Quiet Lights has receiving funding to present a selection of Irish artists at the Unamplifire festival in London this June; Kyoto Love Hotel will travel to New York to perform at the New Colossus Festival in March; and, from late January until March, Ye Vagabonds will tour the US promoting their album The Hare’s Lament

Other recipients include Chamber Choir Ireland, rock group Thumper, singer-songwriter Junior Brother, chamber orchestra Camerata Ireland, indie-folk duo Saint Sister, Dundalk songwriter David Keenan, traditional group Cúig, and composer Jennifer Walshe. 

In the Circus category of funding, aerial performance group Fidget Feet have received funding to perform at Glastonbury this summer, and Donnacha Dennehy and Enda Walsh have been awarded funding in the opera category to present The Second Violinist in New York this September. In the dance category, Teaċ Daṁsa have been awarded funding to present performances of MÁM and Swan Lake/Loch na hEala in the UK, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

See full details on all recipients below.

In August, in the previous round of Culture Ireland funding, Irish musicians, composers, groups and promoters were granted a total of €186,850 to tour and perform abroad. The latest round of funding consistitutes an increase of €131,550, or 70%. The next round of funding closes on 13 February

For more, visit https://applications.cultureireland.ie/.

Culture Ireland Music Awards – January 2020 Announcements

Imagining Ireland: Words & Music – presented at the Barbican by Serious in association with NCH Dublin on Friday 21 February 2020, €47,000.

Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, 16 January2 February 2020, €18,000.

Performances by Crash Ensemble of Daniel Bjarnason Songs, The Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven and Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1415 April 2020, €8,000.

Tour of the USA and Canada by Saint Sister, opening for Tall Heights, 11 February14 March 2020, €8,000.

Presentation of Irish music and dance at Irish Cultural Fair, Bangkok, Thailand, 30 July1 August 2020, €8,000. 

Presentation of Réalta tour of the USA with special guest Dónal Clancy, 28 February17 March 2020, €7,500.

Tour of Germany and USA by JigJam, various venues in Germany and USA, 8 January21 April 2020, €7,000.

European & North American tour by Hilary Woods for new album Birthmarks, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, USA, Spring and Autumn 2020, €7,000.

Tour of New Zealand by Pauline Scanlon and Keeva, including Auckland Folk Festival and 3 other venues, 21 January3 Feb 2020, €7,000.

Tour of festivals in Australia and Middle East by Hermitage Green, Quatar, Bahrain, UAE, Australia, 1323 March 2020, €7,000.

European tour of Only Light by Wyvern Lingo, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and UK, 8 February20 March 2020, €6,000.

Performances by Camerata Ireland of Beethoven’s Concerto Cycle, Royal Opera House, Versailles, France, 78 March 2020, €6000.

Tour of Australia and New Zealand by Fontaines D.C., Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Paddington, Adelaide, Auckland, 26 January9 February 2020, €6,000.

Concert Tour of Britain by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Liverpool, Tyneside, Leeds and other cities, UK, 1522 February 2020, €6,000.

IMDL presenting Return to Camden Town Concert Series, London, UK, 18 June5 December 2020, €6,000.

Irish artists performing at Les Semaines Irlandaises en Artois-Gohelle, La Grange, Aix-Noulette, France, 1222 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour of Chile by Los Paddys including St. Patrick’s Festival, Santiago, Quilicura and Valparaiso, Chile, 620 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour of USA by The Jeremiahs, 7 venues across USA, 28 February15 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour of USA by Goitse, 16 venues new to Goitse, USA, 25 February19 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour of USA by Téada, 17 venues across USA, 21 February17 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour of North America by McPeake, various venues across USA, 11 March2 April 2020, €5,000.

International tour of Ye VagabondsThe Hare’s Lament, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, 30 January11 March 2020, €5,000. 

US tour of Nico Muhly’s How Little You Are by Dublin Guitar Quartet with Roomful of Teeth, Michigan, Vermont, Conneticul and Utah, USA, 23 January5 February 2020, €5,000.

Concerts by RIAM Percussion Ensemble, New York City, USA, 31 March3 April 2020, €5,000. 

Performances by Thumper, 13 venues across UK, Netherlands and Germany, 18 February3 March 2020, €5,000. 

US tour by We Banjo 3, 18 US states, USA, 9 January22 March 2020, €5,000.

Tour by The Conifers, Mary Staunton and Jerry Mulvihill, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, 422 March 2020, €5,000. 

UK Showcases and Eastern European Tour by Just Mustard, UK, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 13 January17 April 2020, €4,500. 

Presentation of Irish artists at Music City Irish Fest, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 1317 March 2020, €4,000.

Presentation of Irish artists by Quiet Lights at Unamplifire, Master Shipwright’s Palace, London, UK, 6 June 2020, €4,000.

Gala concert by Chamber Choir Ireland, 4th (inter)National Congress for Choir Conductors, Paris, France, 1113 September 2020, €4,000.

Solo tour of Australia by Daoirí Farrell, 8 enues across Australia, 21 May8 June 2020, €4,000.

Tour of USA by Socks in the Frying Pan, various venues, 10 January23 March 2020, €4,000. 

Tour by One for the Foxes, 17 venues across Canada and USA, 5 April17 May 2020, €4,000.

Tour of Europe by David Keenan including France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Norway and Denmark, 19 March4 April 2020, €4,000.

Performance by Yurodny Ensemble as part of the series Cocktail für die Musen at the Kulturcasino, Bern, Switzerland, 16 May 2020, €4,000.

Magnetic Music GmbH presenting Irish musicians in the Irish Heartbeat Tour throughout Germany, 425 March 2020, €3,500.

Music performance by Susan O’Neill at locations throughout Australia, 28 February26 April 2020, €3,500.

Performance by Quiet Music Ensemble of work by Pauline Oliveros and performance of Fluxus works at C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Córdoba, Spain, 1921 March 2020, €3,000.

Performances by Kyoto Love Hotel at the New Colossus Festival, New York City, USA, 11 - 16 March 2020, €3,000.

Aoife Scott Band US Tour, USA, 11 March12 April 2020, €3,000.

US Tour by I Draw Slow, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee, South Eastern USA, 320 April 2020, €3,000. 

Performances by RIAM Symphony Orchestra with the Lilla Akademien, Stockholm, Sweden, 2025 April 2020, €3,000.

Tour of the USA by HighTime, various venues across 11 states, USA, 13 February18 March 2020, €3,000.

European tour by Junior Brother as support to The Murder Capital, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France & Belgium, 24 January11 February 2020, €3,000.

Performances by Anne-Marie O’Farrell and Cormac De Barra to promote Irish harp, Irish Chamber of Commerce & Voice of the Harp, Hong Kong, 1723 March 2020, €3,000. 

Tour by Andy Irvine of New Zealand, 13 venues including Auckland Folk Festival, 20 January11 February 2020, €3,000. 

Tour by David Keenan of 10 UK venues including London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, UK, 517 March 2019, €3,000. 

Performances by The Scott Flanigan Trio at The 2020 Eurojazz Festival, Mexico City, 2025 March 2020, €2,700. 

Performances of The Pianist and the Piper: A Celebration of Turlough O’ Carolan and John Field by Fionnuala and Diarmuid Moynihan, Cairo Opera House, Egypt, 15 April 2020, €2,500.

Tour by Cúig, Germany and Switzerland, 15 January8 February 2020, €2,500.

Solo tour by Redmond O’Toole, Boulder, Colorado, Rhode Island, New York State and Austin, Texas, USA, 20 March11 April 2020, €2,500. 

Performances of Cairo to Connemara: Routes and Rhythms in Irish Music by The Atlantic Orchestra Project, Davos, Zurich and Bern, Switzerland, 2226 January 2020, €2,000.

Performances by Catherine McEvoy at Boxwood Australia & New Zealand, 24 February15 March 15 2020, €2,000. 

Trio Festivale - Contemporary Irish music concert tour of the US: Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, USA, 15 - 27 February 2020, €2,000. 

Performance by Maighread and Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill and Fintan Vallely of If you’re Irish … The Grace Kelly Irish-American Songsheet concert, Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco, 1819 March 2020, €1,500.

Association of Irish Composers at International Society for Contemporary Music World Music Days Festival, New Zealand, 2130 April 2020, €1,500.

3 Performances by Diane Daly violinist with São Paulo State Youth Orchestra and with Andrés Bello University Orchestra, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile, 9 - 13 May 2020, €1,500.

Presentation by Diatribe Records of performance by Alarmist at Match & Fuse Festival 2020, Zurich, Switzerland, 1 February 2020, €1,500.

Tour of UK and Germany by Megan O’Neill, 6 UK and 8 German venues, 14 February18 April 2020, €1,500.

Kindersang US premiere of song cycles by Deirdre Gribbin presenting a West Cork Chamber Music Festival commission at Lincoln Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium, New York, 6 April 2020, €1,200.

Performances by Darragh Morgan at Xiquitsi Classical Music Season 2020, Maputo, Mozambique and Baroque 2000, Durban, South Africa, 1 - 11 May 2020, €1,200.

Presentation of TU Dublin Harp Ensemble at the Harpes au Max International Harp Festival, Ancenis, France, 1417 May 2020, €1,200.

Tour by the Lorcán Mac Mathúna Trio, Netherlands and Belgium, 2426 January 2020, €1,100.

Concert performance by Jennifer Walshe with Musica Nova, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1 February 2020, €1,000.

Tour of Denmark by Nuala Kennedy with Himmerland, Copenhagen, Als, Øster Assels and Asnæs, Denmark, 1217 February 2020, €600.

Performance of Woman by Sue Rynhart with arrangements by Sue Rynhart & Huw Warren at Gdansk Archipelago Cultural Centre, Gdansk, Poland and Jazovia Filharmonia festival at Jazovia Cultural Centre, Gliwice, Poland, 2425 April 2020, €400.


Published on 10 January 2020

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